On days 19 and 20 October in UNAMA Alcindo Cacela, the VII CODS-Colloquium organizations, development and Sustainability, conducted by the graduate program in business administration at the University of Amazonia, with the support of PPGEDAM. The "management of the organizations during times of transition" is the theme of this edition of the event, which is accepting work until October 3 and registration until October 18.

"The fundamental and characteristic brings CODS differential, as well as academics and researchers, the participation of market professionals, and professionals from the public and non-governmental organizations", with the general objective "to broaden the discussion about organizations, development and sustainability, through theoretical reflections and discussions about the challenges and perspectives of organizations, Governments and citizens in General, to reconcile development and Sustainability, strengthening, thus, (i) the participation of the local scientific community in national debate and (ii) the interaction of professionals from the academia, Government, civil society and private sector segments. "






VII Colloquium organizations, development and Sustainability

Submission of papers: up to 10/3/2016

Inscription: up to 10/18/2016

Event website: http://www.unama.br/coloquio

More information: (91) 4009-3018/99222-3421