Training of public school teachers


Coordinated by professor Christian Nunes, the project "cartography in the classroom" training public school teachers in the use of cartography and geo. The project proposes the use of cartographic products (maps, charts, plans, etc.) as a tool to aid the teaching-learning process that allow, to teachers of public schools, learn new practices and the reality in which they find themselves.


Technical training


Faculty of the graduate program in Natural resource management and Local development in the Amazon region took part, in 2014, the extension and training project called "vocational education and Local development in Amazonia", developed by the Poverty and Environment in the Amazon – POEMA. It was training and post-secondary course-level certification of technicians in Agroecology and Rural Entrepreneurship, Fisheries and aquaculture resources management. More than 70 students participated in the project which was carried out in the municipalities of Tucuman and Tucuruí. The course had the financial and organizational support of the State Secretariat of education and NGO Purse Amazon, respectively.


Sustainable production of Acai in the municipality of Barcarena


Through the extension project entitled "management of natural resources in the Municipality a great project of impacted by Mining in the Amazon", assist in creating sustainable production alternatives in the municipality of Barcarena, located in the State of Pará. This project has the locus of action small islands situated near the municipality. The study is being done by sampling corresponding to 10%, i.e. nine islands. Among them, the island of Oz, chosen for being the largest producer of Acai and other similar products. Another prominent Island is Trambioca Island, because it is the most populous of the city cited and, finally, the island of Saint Luke, because being the island closest to Christchurch. The project aims to collaborate in the creation of general work and income alternatives to riverine families of Barcarena, based on potential and the development of the productive chain of Acai. In addition, it is intended to assist and empower families on sustainable production.




In partnership with the Faculty of agricultural sciences of Maraba Campus of Marabá/UFPA, was developed the outreach program "Amazon Native forest seedlings: producing for readjustment of rural family properties", with the goal of producing seedlings of forest essences native to the southeast of Pará, with views to the readjustment of the rural properties environmental. The program provides for the distribution of high quality seedlings, research in greenhouse and field with native forest species in the region. Based on these results will be prepared booklets and newsletters. Will also be offered training courses for farmers and technicians about the proper procedures for the rehabilitation of degraded areas. All actions envisaged will occur with technical supervision performed by technicians, teachers and scholars of the Agronomy course of OLDS GET.