Support for indigenous communities


The teachers of the program, Thomas Mitschein and Gilberto Rocha, participate in a project aimed at extension Tembé indigenous community, located in the Alto Rio Guamá, aiming to contribute to the mitigation of greenhouse gases and promote local security. With financial support from company C-Trade, the project was started in 2010 by the Poverty and Environment in the Amazon – POEMA.


Community water supply of settlements


The experimental project "Harnessing of rainwater to supply Communities with no access to drinking water", led by professor Ronaldo Mendes, wants to install in the next three years a water supply system in rural settlements of the State of Pará. This project has a small experimental base on Points2shop Island, near the town of Bethlehem. Professor Ronaldo already had two dissertations related to your project.




Coordinated by professor Luis Otávio do Canto Lopes, the research and extension project called "Rural development and environment", aims to discuss strategies for sustainable use of natural resources available locally and, at the same time, promote the formation and training of teachers and school leaders working in a rural community, specifically in the community of Porto Salvo municipality of Nazareth watch, in para. The actions of the project directed initially to the Elementary School Maria Silva Monteiro. In 2014 have been performed three dates of training of teachers and community leaders Porto Salvo. These early actions involved 12 basic school teachers who work in the municipality, 14 students of Projovem and 7 community organizers.


Academic cooperation


In 2014, the program collaborated particularly with the professional master's in Rural Development and management of agro-food Enterprises of the Federal Institute of Pará, Simi Valley campus. The contributions were in terms of exchange of information and participation in events of the Coordinator of the graduate program in Natural resource management and Local development in the Amazon and other teachers. Three teachers with their students, participated in the VII International Seminar on Sustainable Rural Development, cooperatives and social economy, which took place between 27 to 29 August 2014.