The PPGEDAM has released public notice to fill 23 vacancies for professional master's course in management of natural resources and Local development in the Amazon to enter in 2017. Of the total, 14 are to broad competition, 2 for servers (academic and technical) of the UFPA and 7 for servers of the IFPA.

Registration-registration requests will be received from 17 October to 11 November, through form made available on the PPGEDAM page on the internet.

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On days 19 and 20 October in UNAMA Alcindo Cacela, the VII CODS-Colloquium organizations, development and Sustainability, conducted by the graduate program in business administration at the University of Amazonia, with the support of PPGEDAM. The "management of the organizations during times of transition" is the theme of this edition of the event, which is accepting work until October 3 and registration until October 18.

With the aim of promoting scientific exchange between the Amazon and Portugal, the core of Environment at the Federal University of Pará (a/UFPA), through the graduate program in natural resource management and Local development in the Amazon region (PPGEDAM), during the period from 19 to 21 September the 1st Workshop Amazon-Portuguese: environment and Territorial Development. The debate, which is part of the celebrations for the 25 years of the a, at the core, located on Campus, is open to students of PPG's interested in.