2014 selection process SEMA/AP

Seleção 2014

The graduate program in Natural resource management and Local development in the Amazon-PPGEDAM, makes the public announcement for the selection of candidates to fill up to 25 (twenty five) places for admission in 2014 in special class of the course of master in management of natural resources and Local development in the Amazon, for the contract nº 006/2014 concluded between the Secretariat of the environmental State of Amapá – SEMA/AP-and the Federal University of Pará – UFPA.

The selection is aimed at effective servers of the State of Amapá in Brazil, the former at the disposal of the State and COEMA's advisors, who have a diploma of completion of undergraduate program, not have completed or are attending graduate school in the strict sense, engaged in labour activities in the environmental area and in full exercise of their functions in the respective agencies covered in the competition , as specified in the notice.



Public notice No. 09/2014-Final result

Public notice No. 08/2014-results of phase 1 (written evidence and proficiency)

Public notice No. 07/2014-Submissions and disallowed deferred

Public notice No. 06/2014-Opening

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Appendix I-Letter of authorization by the Chief

Annex II-statement of commitment to EAP

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