CONSEPE resolution No. 4511-may 20, 2014

Creation of PPGEDAM


CONSEPE resolution No. 4511 may 20, 2014

Internal regulations of the PPGEDAM


CONSEPE resolution No. 3870, July 1, 2009

General rules of the graduate courses in the strict sense offered by UFPA


CONSEPE resolution No. 3043 of 7 May 2003

Standards for the conduct of research activity at the UFPA


MEC nº 17 Regulatory Ordinance, of 28 of December 2009

On the master within the CAPES


Ordinance No. 1, BRAZIL 4 January 2012

Performance of the different categories of teachers in graduate programs


Ministerial order No. 2, BRAZIL 4 January 2012

Defines the categories of Faculty of graduate programs


2013 area document

Establishes guidelines and evaluation criteria for the graduate programs of Interdisciplinary area of CAPES


Standardization of academic papers Guide (BC/UFPA)

Roadmap for presentation in accordance with ABNT