The graduate program in Natural resource management and Local development in the Amazon region (PPGEDAM) maintains a professional master's approved and authorized by CAPES, which consolidates the experience of two decades of research and training activities developed by the core of Environment (a), of the Federal University of Pará.

The course, which lasts 18 months (reaching the 24), proposes the development of a training framework that meets the demands of regional society, with regard to qualifying for public environmental management and to the exploitation of natural resources in the context of sustainable development, notably with regard to its applicability to the development of the local sphere.

This Master has interdisciplinary character and aims qualify professionals to work in public administration, environmental design and develop projects of sustainable use and enjoyment of natural resources, in addition to identifying economic opportunities and social development that emphasize the sustainable use of Amazonian biodiversity.

Unlike Academic Master's degree, professional master's focuses on training for the management and application of knowledge gained, contributing to better decision making in professional practice. The emphasis is thus assigned to the practice, by empowering the professional, external to the Academy, to find, recognize, identify and, above all, incorporate the researches developed in academia in the exercise of the profession.

Thus, the training proposed by the Master PPGEDAM/a, accompanies the transformations occurring in the last two decades in the relationship between society and the environment. Transformations that require a new management of natural resources and a new perspective of development, seeking to overcome, so Manichaeism conservation vision and development, as well as the traditional conception of natural resource management based on coercive measures and the inhibitory potential of local development.